Synchronize it!

You can purchase Synchronize it! + Compare it! bundle for $39 USD by using the following BuyNow Order Form.

Synchronize it! is a fully-functional folder comparison software. It allows the user to compare separate folders, folder trees and ZIP/RAR/ARJ archives.

1. User interface
Synchronize it! is available in English and German versions. The program has a single-panel user interface, displaying files from both folders. All functionality is available in toolbar buttons on the right side of the Synchronize it! window. The files are colored according to their status. The user can apply various filters to the displayed files and toggle between different sorting modes (sort by name, date, type or status).

The file filters allow the user to view only checked files, files from source/target folders, or matching files from both folders.

Synchronize it! main window
2. File management
Synchronize it! has powerful file management functionality. The start-up dialog allows the user to set the type of the compared files (new, matching files only, etc.) and use “file ignore” options. The user can also reduce the number of compared files by setting file filters (“Search mask”) or exclude entire un-matching subfolders.

3. Folder comparison
Synchronize it! can be used for comparing folders (including all subfolders), and ZIP/RAR/ARJ archives. The program allows copying files from the source folder to a target CD. The user can apply thorough comparison of all files, including same-sized files and files with similar timestamps.

Synchronize it! may be launched in “backup mode”. The user can also choose to delete the non-matching files to recycle bin. It is particularly useful, as the user can restore mistakenly removed files.

You can purchase Synchronize it! + Compare it! bundlefor $39 USD by using the following BuyNow Order Form.

4. Folder synchronization

Synchronize it! has powerful synchronization functionality. The user can exclude files from synchronization by un-checking the appropriate line in the comparison panel. To start the synchronization, the user should press Synchronize button; all changes will be applied directly on the hard drive.Configurations provide for quick access to often-used directories

To quickly access often-used folders, the user can save comparison details in “configurations”. The user can also create projects containing several configurations. Unfortunately, Synchronize it! cannot be used for comparing multiple project simultaneously.

Projects may include several Configurations

5. Reports
Unfortunately, Synchronize it! has no reports functionality. However, the user can print the current project by pressing Print button on the toolbar.

6. Command line
Synchronize it! provides for extensive command line support. Besides, the program can be easily integrated in version control system.

7. Price
The price for Synchronize it! is $19. The trial version is also available for download.

You can purchase Synchronize it! + Compare it! bundle for $39 USD by using the following BuyNow Order Form.

8. Summary

Synchronize it! is a great software for folder comparison, specifically for large version control projects. Synchronize it! can also be effectively used as an external diff tool in CVS systems.

Unfortunately, Synchronize it! cannot be used for visual file comparison. The developer recommends to use Synchronize it! with Compare It! program. Our rating for Synchronize it! is 6/10. However, it is our Editor’s choice as an optimal synchronization tool for version control systems.


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Folder hierarchy synchronization
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