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  • General - The category includes articles about various applications of file and folder compare tool
  • Compare Business Documents - How to compare two documents? How to compare two documents to find differences? How to approve or reject changes made. Learn more in this category.
  • Compare Folders - Need to synchronize two projects or update some folders - the comparison of directories is what you are looking for. Learn more details!
  • Version Control - The content management system normally handles the technical side of version control, what about analysis of changes? Here compare tools come to help!
  • Comparison of file types - How to compare this file type against other? What filter and converter should be used. Learn technical details in these articles!
  • Compare documents in different languages - What if you need to compare documents in other language than English - there is some specific about this, learn more about comparison of documents in other languages!
  • Compare Pictures - Learn more about comparison of image files as well as other multimedia files with different solutions
  • Comparison in Excel - MS Excel is one of the most popular business tools these days - it is simply and easy to use. How to compare various data that we can get from Excel? Check in this category.
  • Freeware Compare Tools - The focuses on freeware file and folder compare tools, giving users ideas about how to do detailed file comparison for free