Free buyer guide: file and folder compare and merge software

The buyer guide reviews 27 compare and merge programs by 30 features. Before buying full version you can try a trial one, which reviews 21 program by 19 features.

After you have tried the evaluation version I’m sure you will order a full version. Why?

  • In full version you will have more options, there are 27 programs reviewed, not 21;
  • With full version you will have more features to select, 30 features instead of 19 in trial;
  • Full version will save your time, imagine downloading one by one 27 programs?
  • Buyer guide will provide careful professional review of features (everyone tired of zero-information promotional texts);
  • You will be able to save your money directly (as even trial version of buyer guide provides you with discounts);

Here is the list of reviewed programs (27 best compare and merge tools):

  • Araxis Merge Professional, Guiffy 8.0, ECMerge Pro 2.0, Beyond Compare 2, ExamDiff Pro, UltraCompare;
  • Compare Suite, WinMerge, Compare Spreadsheets, Compare PDF, CSDiff, ExcelDiff, HTMLDiff, HeatSoft ADCS 1.20;
  • DiffDoc Professional, ViceVersa Plus, FolderMatch, Directory Toolkit, Directory Compare, Synchronize it!, Compare it!;
  • Active File Compare, Visual Comparer, Diff Commander, SyncFolder, IsEqual, Diff’n’Merge;

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Here is the list of features used in reviews:

  • Program name, Price ($);
  • Supported File Formats: Plain text, source code, HTML/XML, MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, Text from clipboard
  • Text Comparison and Merging: Three-way, Char-by-char comparison, “By-keyword” comparison, Syntax Rules, Highlighting, Auto Merging, Conflict Reconciling,
  • Manually approve/reject changes, In-Panel Editing, Text filters with Regular Expressions, Unicode Support
  • Folder Comparison: Folder Comparison, Folder Tree Sync, Auto compare files by contents, Byte-by-Byte Comparison, Archive Comparison, Extensive File Filters, Folder Snapshot
  • Reports: Comparison statistics, HTML/XML Reports, Unix Diff
  • Advanced Features: Visual comparison of binary files, Version Control Integration, Command Line Support

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Buyer Guide is a great time and money saver, you’ll be amazed how many features of compare and merge tools you might be missing.

Distribution (promotion opportunity for blog owners)

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  • You are free to distribute “trial” version of buyer guide without changes;
  • You cannot sell it, but you can suggest it for free as a bonus;


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  • If you do not agree to these conditions you should not install or purchase this Buyer Guide.