Folder Synchronization recommends the following folder synchronization programs:

Three-way file/folder comparison:

Araxis Merge 
Guiffy 8.0 
ECMerge Pro 2.0

Two-way file/folder comparison:

Beyond Compare 2 
ExamDiff Pro 

Folder synchronization (no file comparison functionality):

Heatsoft ADCS 1.20 
ViceVersa Plus 

The BEST folder synchronization tools include the following advanced functionality:

– user friendly interface
– comparison by name, by date/time, by size and by file content
– folder tree synchronization
– byte-by-byte comparison
– creating folder snapshot
– powerful file filters
– file management capabilities (change attributes, open in third-party application, rename or delete)
– “Undo” option (all automatic/manual changes in the compared folders are not immediately applied on the hard drive)
– Version Control integration

We could also mention the following useful functionality available in some synchronization tools:

Comparing numeric versions of files (CRC):

Beyond Compare 2
ExamDiff Pro
ViceVersa Plus
Foldermatch – Buy with 10$ discount!

Immediate notification on changes in the compared folders:

ExamDiff Pro