Compare It!

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Compare It! is a powerful file comparison program. It has user friendly side-by-side comparison interface, allowing the user to compare plain text, MS Office files, ZIP archives and source code.

Compare It! MS Word File Comparison

User Interface:
Compare It! is available in English and German languages. Compare It! user interface contains two comparison panels, custom toolbar and menu bar. Compare It! allows the user to review and edit the compared text (by using Edit Mode). All review and merge functionality is available in the program toolbar and context menus.

File comparison:
Once the files are loaded in Compare It!, all text lines are colored according to their comparison status. The user can use automatic merging of the two files, or use “Manual match” option. The user can also switch to Partial Matching, in order to visually align similar, but non-matching lines. Compare It! provides for traditional text navigation functionality: the user can use Find/Go To features (directly on the toolbar) or toggle bookmarks in the compared text. Compare It! has extensive “text ignore” options, including ignore whitespaces, ignore special characters, ignore empty lines and ignore case, etc. Compare It! also allows the user to use regular expressions in the compared text. If automatic line comparison is enabled, the user can set minimum chars and minimum per cent values by which the lines will be matched. Compare It! provides for Adaptive comparison, designed to simplify reading of changed lines. This function is specifically important for comparing source code/web pages.

Compare It! contains file filters, allowing the user to set the file formats opened in Compare It!. Compare It! has outstanding capabilities for the comparison of MS Word and MS Excel files. The files are automatically converted to text format. The user can review, edit and merge MS Office files. However, unlike Compare Suite, MS Excel files are displayed in Compare It! differently from original MS Excel file (without original MS Excel cells). This may be slightly inconvenient when comparing large financial MS Excel documents, with a lot of numeric data in each cell.

Compare It! does not support by-char and by-line comparison. Unlike Compare Suite, it also doesn’t allow the user to use by-keyword translation, which enables comparing two different MS Office documents (please see our review of Compare Suite).

Compare It! allows the user to automatically backup compared files, which is specifically useful for working on a large comparison projects.

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Plug-ins: supported
Compare It! allows the user to install additional plug-in converters for comparing PDF and binary files. More information on Compare It! converters can be found here.

Folder comparison:
Compare It! cannot be used for folder synchronization. However, the developer advises the user to use Synchronize It! for folder comparison and synchronization.

Compare It! allows the user to generate reports in HTML, UNIX diff, and plain text format. The user can also generate “merge report”. Compare It! reports are highly customizable. The reports can also include Comparison Statistics, which is all-time available in Compare It! (File menu >> Statistics).

Compare It! Statistics Pane

Command line: supported
Compare It! provides for command line support. It also can be used as an external diff in various document management systems.

The price for Compare It! personal license is $29 USD. The user can also download fully-functional evaluation version.

You can purchase CompareIt! by using the following BuyNow Order Form.

Compare It! is a great software for occasional comparison projects. Unfortunately, it lacks folder synchronization functionality, which is obligatory for professional comparison projects. We recommend this software for the comparison of text, MS Word files and small source-code comparison projects.

Price: $29

Supported file formats: plain text, HTML/XML, source code, MS Word, MS Excel, ZIP archives
Plug-ins: supported

Diverse comparison methods
Three-way comparison score0.gif
Text navigation score3.gif
Report functionality score3.gif
Merge functionality score3.gif
Integration with version control systems Yes
Folder comparison
Folder hierarchy synchronization score0.gif
Custom file filters
Byte-by-byte comparison score0.gif