Guiffy 8.0

Guiffy 8.0 is a powerful Java-based file/folder comparison software. It can be used for comparing and merging text files, HTML and source code, as well as for synchronizing folders.



– user-friendly interface
signle, two- and three-way comparison interface, with “conflict file” reconciliation functionality
– integration with CVS, Tortoise, Subversion environment and a wide range of CM systems
desktop integration in WinExplorer, MacOS Finder and Linux KDE
– extensive text ignore options, regular expression support
– extensive text reviewing capabilities
– command line interface
automatic merge functions
“write EOL (end-of-line)” for DOS, Unix, and MacOS
– custom encoding selection
– file filters
folder tree synchronization
– support for “byte-by-byte” comparison, allowing to check the integrity of recordable CDs
– support for comparing files by file contents
– report preview/save in HTML format
– extensive help reference


– reports functionality is limited, with no project statistics available


Guiffy 8.0 is definitely one of the best comparison software. It contains all necessary functionality for efficient file/folder comparison.

Unfortunately, Guiffy 8.0 cannot be used for analyzing MS Office files. However, we recommend Guiffy 8.0 as the best choice for professional developers.

Our rating for Guiffy 8.0 is 9/10. It is also our Editor’s choice as the best comparison program for project revision control tasks.

Price: $75.00 USD (FREE TRIAL)

Diverse comparison methods 

Three-way comparison 

Text navigation 

Report functionality 

Merge functionality 

Integration with version control systems
Folder comparison 

Folder hierarchy synchronization 

Custom file filters 

Byte-by-byte comparison