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Visual Comparer is a file comparison tool which enables the user to compare source code, resolve differences between HTML files, and analyze differences in text reports or program output. Visual Comparer has a color-coded, side-by-side file comparison user interface with customized menu bar and toolbar. Visual Comparer supports color syntax highlighting for different programming languages, including C++, Delphi, JScript, VBScript, Perl and others. Visual Comparer also provides for full Unicode support.

Visual Comparer File Comparison

File Comparison:
Visual Comparer provides for a “fast comparison engine”, which allows the user to load and compare even large files in a few seconds. Visual Comparer can compare files in MS Windows, Mac, and UNIX, as well as “mixed” formats. The user can review the two files in large panels arranged in vertical or horizontal order, or use Full Screen mode (by pressing F9).

Visual Comparer contains syntax highlighting capabilities for a number of programming languages. The standard installation package supports the following languages: # HTML and CSS2; # C and C++; # C# (C Sharp – Visual Studio.NET); # Visual Basic .NET; # VBScript .NET; # JScript .NET; # Borland Delphi 7; # Perl. The user can also obtain parser plug-ins for the following languages: AutoCAD, WinBatch, and TCL version 8.0 (more info on Visual Comparer parser plug-ins see here). Visual Comparer is based on the concept of line matching. The modified and deleted lines are highlighted in the comparison panels with specific colors. Unfortunately, the software does not support keyword comparison function which is available in Compare Suite. However, Visual Comparer can compare the text on the char-by-char basis (to enable char-by-char comparison, press F12). When char-by-char comparison is enabled, unequal parts of the line are colored in red. This is specifically important to identify small differences in large text blocks.

You can purchase Visual Comparer with 15% discount for $24.65 USD by using the following RegNow Order Form.

Text navigation:
Visual Comparer has extensive text navigation capabilities, including Find/Go To functions, Toggle Bookmarks, etc. The user can switch to Read Only mode to prevent any changes in the compared text (context menu: uncheck Read Only). By default, the user can edit the text directly in the comparison panels or open the compared file in third-party application. The user can enable automatic adjustment of similar lines in both files, or adjust specific lines individually, if some lines are not aligned correctly after comparison. Visual Comparer contains a wide range of options, including Ignore whitespaces, Enable case sensitive, Show/Hide whitespaces, etc. However, Visual Comparer does not support text filters or regular expressions similar to Araxis Merge and most other comparison software.

Merging capabilities:
Visual Comparer provides for point-and-click merging capabilities. To merge the two files, the user should right-click the diff line and then select Copy to Right/Left in the context menu, or use the appropriate toolbar buttons. All editing and merging operations can be undone by using Undo function.

Command Line: supported
Visual Comparer can be launched from the command line using a number of parameters. The software can also be integrated in CVS environment.

Folder comparison:
Visual Comparer does not support folder comparison functionality. To compare and synchronize folders, the developer advises the user to use Diff Commander. Visual Comparer and Diff Commander can be both purchased as a Bundled Edition.

Diff Commander has a two-panel user interface, similar to Visual Comparer. The files in the selected folders are displayed in tree or list view. Diff Commander has outstanding file filter options. The user can skip system, hidden or empty files, as well as display only files for the specific date, etc. Diff Commander provides for the synchronization of entire directory trees. The user can also launch Visual Comparer (or any other application, specified in the Tools >> Customize pane) for the specific files in the reviewed folders. The user can assign synchronization status individually to any file (Copy to Left/Right, Delete Left/Right, or Synchronize), or use automatic synchronization function.

Visual Comparer has insufficient report capabilities. Visual Comparer report is simply a “screenshot” of the current comparison project, with no analytical information or customized fields.

In Diff Commander, the user can save the current state of the selected directory, by using “directory snapshot” function. Unfortunately, Diff Commander contains no custom reports functionality.

Visual Comparer and Diff Commander can be purchased in a Bundle Edition for 45$ USD. You can also download a fully-functional 30-day evaluation version.

You can purchase Visual Comparer with 15% discount for $24.65 USD by using the following RegNow Order Form.

Visual Comparer and Diff Commander contain all necessary features for fast and high-quality revision control. However, some user may find it inconvenient to use two different software tools in the same project. Besides, Visual Comparer is not appropriate for MS Office document comparison. Its report functionality is also insufficient. On the other hand, Visual Comparer and Diff Commander have such benefits as intuitive and customizable interface and extensive syntax highlighting capabilities. Our rating for this bundled software is 7/10.

Price: 45$

Supported file formats: plain text, HTML/XML, source code

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Integration with version control systems Yes
Folder comparison
Folder hierarchy synchronization Yes
Custom file filters
Byte-by-byte comparison