UltraCompare is a powerful software, which combines comparison functionality for text, binary files and folders. UltraCompare has user friendly interface and extensive text navigation capabilities. It can compare plain text, source code, HTML, and binary files. UltraCompare has also built-in converters for MS Word and RTF files.


two- and three-way comparison
– extensive text navigation
– extensive text ignore options
comparison of binary files
auto merge functions
– user profiles support for text management options
– custom colors
backup support
folder tree synchronization
“by contents” folder compare
byte-by-byte folder compare
– FTP support
– print/preview support
– command line support
– WinExplorer integration


– No support for by-char and by-keyword comparison
– MS Word files are converted to plain text, with no formatting preserved
– single-rule filter is insufficient for folder comparison
– no support for multiple comparison projects
– no custom reports


UltraCompare is a great software for comparing/merging text and binary files, as well as for synchronizing folders. Such features as graphical binary files comparison and three-way merging interface, put it aside from most comparison programs. We recommend UltraCompare for consistent comparison projects, involving various types of comparison tasks. Besides, the price for UltraCompare is significantly lower than for most popular comparison software.

Our rating for UltraCompare is 9/10.

Price: $29.95 USD (FREE TRIAL)

Diverse comparison methods 

Three-way comparison 

Text navigation 

Report functionality 

Merge functionality 

Integration with version control systems
Folder comparison 

Folder hierarchy synchronization 

Custom file filters 

Byte-by-byte comparison