SmartSynchronize is a powerful and user friendly tool for file and folder comparison. It contains standard file/directory comparison and synchronization functionality, as well as advanced three-way comparison and conflict reconciliation capabilities.


– Two- and three-way comparison
Auto merge functions
– Unicode support
– Comparison methods: by line, by character, by C/Java identifiers
– Linking lines between comparison blocks
– In-panel editing
– Custom encoding selection

Folder tree synchronization
Compare folders by file contents
– File/directory filters by name or extension


– No custom syntax highlighting
– No converters for MS Office or PDF files
– No support for binary files comparison
– No support for byte-by-byte comparison
– No text filters
– No file filters by size, time, or attributes
– Insufficient report functionality


SmartSynchronize provides powerful three-way comparison functionality at a very reasonable price. However, it still has some areas for improvement. For instance, SmartSynchronize lacks binary files support, MS Office and PDF files converters, as well as byte-by-byte comparison. We should also point out insufficient report functionality, which is crucial for many professional projects.

We think that SmartSynchronize is a cost-efficient solution for medium-sized development projects, which don’t involve binary files comparison. Our rating for SmartSynchronize is 8/10.

Price: $ 39.00 USD (FREE TRIAL)

Diverse comparison methods
Three-way comparison
Text navigation
Report functionality
Merge functionality
Integration with version control systems
Folder comparison
Folder hierarchy synchronization
Custom file filters
Byte-by-byte comparison