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1. User Interface
Foldermatch has a user friendly interface, containing two file comparison panels, menu bar and a large toolbar. All files and subfolders in the comparison panels are marked according to their status. To view/hide specific file types, the user can simply click the appropriate status symbol on the pane between the two folder panels.


Comparison panel allows the user to open and rename compared objects, view properties of the files, and even display HEX dump of each file. The user can also explore the folder contents in a separate window, or create new subfolders. To copy files to the opposite folder, the user can use toolbar buttons or simply drag the files to the right/left panel. Before copying the files, Foldermatch displays confirmation dialog showing the number of object to be copied.

2. Comparison methods
Foldermatch allows comparing individual folders as well as entire folder trees. The user can select different comparison methods: Compare by size/date, file contents, CRC-32, SHA-1, etc. System and hidden files can be excluded from the analysis. Foldermatch provides comprehensive file filters. The user can also save current filters in order to use in future projects.

Foldermatch provides such sophisticated options as ignore FAT/NTFS two-second difference and daylight savings time.

Foldermatch has a unique feature: file comparison statistics. The user can compare two files from the compared folders individually. The file comparison details will be displayed in a separate window.

After folder comparison is complete, the user can view visual comparison results summary, showing the number of new/old/orphan files and folders in a graph mode. This function cannot be found in most comparison software.

3. Synchronization
After clicking Synchronize button, Foldermatch displays Synchronize dialog box, allowing the user to choose from a set of comparison methods. The user can also select custom synchronization scenarios for each file type. Foldermatch can synchronize full folders, as well as selected objects only.

You can purchase FolderMatch with 10% discount by using the following RegNow Order Form.

4. Additional tools
Foldermatch allow the user to search for duplicate files in the compared folders or in any other location. Duplicate criteria include name/size/date/contents match. Custom filters can also be applied to the duplicate search.

Foldermatch provides yet another unique tool: Clock Synchronization. The user can select various clock sync servers from the list. This feature is exceptionally useful when comparing files on networked drives by timestamp.

With Foldermatch, the user can save session settings to a file in order to apply them in future projects (this function is similar to Beyond Compare 2).

5. Statistics
Foldermatch contains graphical comparison results summary, which is all-time available.

The user can also view synchronization history for the project.

6. Price
Foldermatch can be purchased online for only $35 USD. The price is similar to most comparison software. 30-day trial version is also available.

Foldermatch is certainly one of the best folder comparison and synchronization tools. Unfortunately, it cannot be used for visual file comparison. However, we definitely recommend Foldermatch for different file and folder management projects. Our rating for Foldermatch is 8/10.

You can purchase FolderMatch with 10% discount by using the following RegNow Order Form.

Price: $35 $31.5 USD

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