IsEqual. Sync Folder

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IsEqual is a small and convenient file comparison utility. It provides a simple user interface for visual side-by-side file comparing. The user can compare text files, as well as HTML/XML and source code.


IsEqual. File Comparison:
IsEqual user interface consists of two comparison panels and a small toolbar. The user can navigate to the appropriate line in the compared text using Prev Diff/Next Diff buttons. By default, equal parts of the text are hidden in the comparison panels. To show the equal text, the user can either use Collapse/Expand button or select the appropriate commands in the context menu. The user can edit the text manually or use Copy to Left/Right buttons on the toolbar. Unfortunately, the user cannot undo the changes in IsEqual. The comparison job can only be completely restarted by using Recompare button. Besides, IsEqual does not provide for char/word and keyword comparison.

After the comparison job is complete, the user can save changes to the selected file by clicking Save button. The source file on local or networked drive will be immediately replaced by the modified file (no confirmation dialog appears).

IsEqual. Price
IsEqual is not provided with a user manual or online help. However, the software has a straightforward and intuitive interface which even non-professional users would easily understand. The price for the software is $14.50, which is less than the price for more functional comparison utilities. The user can also try IsEqual for free for 30-days.

You can purchase IsEqual for only $8.42 USD by using the following RegNow Order Form.

IsEqual. Summary
IsEqual does not support folder comparison and synchronization. Besides, it cannot be used for MS Office or binary files comparison. Our rating for this software is 4/10. However, it is our Editor’s choice as a handy utility for occasional small comparison tasks.

Sync Folder. Folder comparison:
Sync Folder is an advanced software provided from the developer of IsEqual which enables the user to compare and synchronize folders. The folder comparison view contains files from both folders displayed according to the assigned status: Copy to Left/Right, Not Equal, and Equal. The comparison status can be set automatically according to the names and date of the files or manually by using Set State button on the toolbar. To synchronize the two folders, the user can click Copy to Left/Right buttons. To copy some particular files, the user should select the files and then click Copy Current in the context menu. All operations are applied directly to the hard drive; the user cannot undo his/her actions. Sync Folder file management capabilities are insufficient; the user cannot view the file properties or open the file in external application.

Sync Folder

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Sync Folder. Custom filters:
The user can apply custom filters to the folder comparison view, in order to synchronize specific file formats only. However, Sync Folder does not support rule-based filters similar to ECMerge or line filters (regular expressions) feature which is available in Araxis Merge, Compare Suite and WinMerge. Unlike most comparison software, Sync Folder does not contain Ignore white spaces/Ignore case features.

Sync Folder. FTP protocol: supported
Sync Folder provides for outstanding FTP support. The user can synchronize folders stored on local hard drive as well as remote location. In order to connect to a server using FTP protocol, the user should go to Command menu >> Select Folders and then click FTP in the popup dialog box. The user can also specify a number of advanced settings of FTP connection.

Sync Folder. File comparison:
Sync Folder provides for visual comparison of files in the selected folders. The file comparison view is opened in a new tab. However, Sync Folder file comparison capabilities are similar to IsEqual. Some users may find it insufficient for consistent comparison projects containing various types of files. Besides, Sync Folder has no report or statistics functionality.

Sync Folder. Price
Sync Folder can be purchased for $24.50. The trial version of the software is also available for 30 days with full functionality.

Save up to 30% by purchasing Sync Folder through this RegNow Order Form.

Sync Folder. Summary
Our rating for Sync Folder is 6/10.
This software is a handy solution for small non-professional comparison projects as well as occasional comparison jobs.

Price: $24.50 $16.9 USD

Supported file formats: plain text, HTML/XML, source code

Diverse comparison methods
Three-way comparison score0.gif
Text navigation score3.gif
Report functionality score0.gif
Merge functionality score3.gif
Integration with version control systems score0.gif
Folder comparison
Folder hierarchy synchronization score0.gif
Custom file filters
Byte-by-byte comparison