Compare PDF

Compare PDF is a fast and easy way to compare plain text, Adobe Acrobat files, and folders. It has a friendly MS Ofice-like interface, which will be familiar for most Windows users. Compare PDF provides for various comparison methods, allowing the users to compare even non-related text/PDF files.


– user friendly MS Office-like interface, similar to Compare Suite
compare plain text and PDF
– provides easy ways to manually edit and review the text
– extensive text ignore options
– useful diff navigation options
3 comparison methods, including non-related text comparison by keywords
live statistics in a popup window
three levels of reports: Standard, Full, and Advanced
– comparing several projects simultaneously
folder comparison functionality
– easy navigation for folder comparison
– integration in document management system


– Adobe Acrobat files are automatically converted to plain text,
with no original formatting preserved
– no support for merge functionality
– no support for folder synchronization


Compare PDF contains powerful functionality for converting PDF files to plain text format, with review&edit capabilities. Besides, Compare PDF has some “bonus” features, such as plain text and folder comparison functionality. In conclusion, this utility is a good choice for fast and easy analysis of PDF files.

Unfortunately, with Compare PDF, the user cannot save the target files in the original PDF format. However, this feature is not typically available in most popular comparison utilities. The users can use some additional software to accomplish this task.

Our rating for Compare PDF is 7/10.

Price: $30.00 USD (FREE TRIAL)

Diverse comparison methods 
Three-way comparison 

Text navigation 

Report functionality 

Merge functionality 

Integration with version control systems
Folder comparison 

Folder hierarchy synchronization 

Custom file filters 

Byte-by-byte comparison