Directory Compare

Directory Compare 2.11 is an easy-to-use folder comparison software. It has all standard functionality required for successful folder analysis and synchronization. Directory Compare has a full range of file management options and allows the user to compare files by name, size, time/date, and by content.

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– User friendly interface
– Side-by-side folder comparison
– Synchronization of entire directory trees
– Compare files by name, size, timestamp, and by content
– Synchronization confirmation dialog
– Full range of file management options (creating/deleting/renaming files, modifying file timestamp, or opening files in third-party application)
– File filters (by file mask)
– File sorting
Text file comparison tool (the user can analyze differences in two similar text files visually; however, text merging functionality is unavailable)
Reports in CSV and HTML format
– Save file settings to file
“Copy/Move anywhere” option: the user can copy/move files to any disk folder
– Print option

Directory Compare

– No support for byte-by-byte comparison

– Insufficient folder synchronization functionality: the user can only copy missing/newer files to the destination directory. For instance, Directory Toolkit software allows the user to choose one of the following additional synchronization options: “refresh” files (update existing files only), remove orphans from target directory, remove duplicate files, or recreate directory structure (no files are copied).

– File comparison functionality is insufficient

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Directory Compare has a clear and user friendly interface, and provides for basic folder synchronization functionality. However, advanced users may find this functionality insufficient for professional projects.

We recommend this software as an optimal tool for occasional synchronization tasks. Our rating for Directory Compare is 7/10.

Price: $29 USD (FREE TRIAL)

Diverse comparison methods

Three-way comparison

Text navigation

Report functionality

Merge functionality

Integration with version control systems
Folder comparison

Folder hierarchy synchronization

Custom file filters

Byte-by-byte comparison