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The Importance of Having the Side by Side Compare Tool

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With the many versions of a file that you will have collected over the years, it is definitely a must to have a side by side compare tool in your system. Check additional information about Side by Side Compare.

Over the years, you will have collected so many files and documents that when the time comes that you would search for a particular file, you might end up confused because you find two or more files having more or less the same content. By the same content, we mean that you will have found a number of versions of the same file - versions that you might have kept for some reason in the past and such reasons escape your memory today. This is precisely why it is very much important to have a side by side compare tool, and this is a need answered by the Windows file compare utility.

Just what does this utility do anyway? And is it really as effective as a lot of people claim? Let us picture this scenario commonly experienced by a lot of web content writers all over the world. As a web content writer, you will be assigned an assortment of topics to write about for your clients and they will certainly have a number of specific instructions for you to go about your writing as well. Surely you would chance upon having to make versions of certain files, particularly when you are taking down each revision you have ever made of such files. When this happens, you just might become a bit confused when the time comes that you need to retrieve these files. If you did not take the time to name each file strategically, thereby marking each revision in chronological order, then finding the most recent file would be a bit tedious. That is, until you check for the details of the files themselves and determine for yourself which indeed is the latest by means of the dates when these files were last modified. This would be an easy enough scenario to deal with.

However, what happens if you are not really looking for the most recent file at all? what if you are looking for the file that contains the most relevant information, and you cannot really distinguish one from the other just by the modification date? This is where the comparison tool enters the picture.

The comparison tool allows you to compare files side by side. What it does is it browses each file that you input for comparison and determine the differences, thereby highlighting them. With these highlighted marks, it would then be easier for you to determine the differences between and across files, and in turn, it would also be easier for you to determine which file does contain the most relevant information.

You may think to yourself that you do not really need this tool, that you can manually scour each revision you have ever made of a certain file and find what you need in the end. Yes, you can still do this, but imagine the time that you can save if you just use this utility. You could spend that much time on other matters that should demand your attention more. Such is the advantage of the side by side compare tool, and having one on your system will surely be a worthy investment.

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