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How to Change Keyboard Languages in Windows OS

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Keyboard languages are variations on keyboard use, aside from the common language being used today. They offer different advantages and features, which may be found useful by some users. Check additional information about keyboard languages.

Keyboard languages are a feature of most keyboards being used today that allow a user to customize how the keyboard layout appears based on personal preferences and needs. This feature is usually available with popular operating systems, such as Windows and Mac OS.

The default language that is being used by most operating systems is United States English. This is shown while the operating system is being installed or configured. Particularly in the Windows system, English is the standard language being used by reason of its wide applicability and popularity, keeping in line with the status of the English language as the international medium of communication.

Users may find the need to change the language of the operating system and ultimately, the keyboard itself if they are not familiar with the English language, or if they would simply prefer using a different language. They can easily configure this feature in any operating system. Having a step-by-step guide on how to make this configuration, particularly in the Windows operating system, is recommended.

The language feature of Windows is generally located in the Control Panel of the operating system. This can be found by clicking START and clicking on CONTROL PANEL. Older versions of Windows operating systems have the control panel located in the My Computer folder. However, some older versions of the operating system do not offer the option of being able to change system or keyboard language.

It is characteristic of Windows Vista and Windows XP to show the contents of the Control Panel in a simplified and modernized view. Clicking the option to switch to classic view will reveal all the options in the panel. Here, you will see the REGIONAL AND LANGUAGE OPTIONS icon. Opening this application - usually by double clicking it - will bring you to a familiar panel. This is the same panel that appears when you are installing the Windows operating system onto your computer.

Once this icon has been opened, click on the LANGUAGES tab. This will bring you to another panel where the language option may be configured. Click on the DETAILS button of the part where the TEXT SERVICES AND INPUT LANGUAGES text is located. This way, you will be able to specify what language the operating system will use. Locate the INSTALLED SERVICES area in this panel and click ADD. This will allow you to add a new language. Once the ADD INPUT LANGUAGE box is opened, click on the language you prefer. As an option, you may choose the INPUT METHOD EDITOR just in case you want to fully customize the language you will be using.

Once you have approved the language change, you will see a confirmation in the system tray that the keyboard language has been changed to the language of your choice. The option of switching between preferred languages is also available when you simultaneously press the ALT and SHIFT keys. Exploring different keyboard languages may become useful for some users, especially if they are not adept in using the English language. This way, the use of the computer will be more available to more people. They will be able to use it in the most comfortable and accessible way that they can.

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