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Document Modifications Audit: Secure Your Files

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When we are ready to submit our files to the reviewers, it means that they will be adding some changes on it. You can protect your files when you perform a documents modifications audit. Check additional information about Document modifications audit.

One of the most important stages of creating a document is editing. No matter what kind of document you are writing, may it be an article, a novel or whatever, there is a need for it to undergo the process of editing. Most of the time, if you are writing a very important file, you will often be required to let your peers review it so that there will be no flaws in the facts that you have included as well as in the spelling and grammar. There are times when you have to seek the help of the professionals so that they can make changes on your document and correct some mistakes if there are any. After this process, you will have to perform document modifications audit. This is the phase wherein you will have to review the changes that they have made and whether you will accept or reject them.

Document modifications audit is not easy especially if it is a novel that you are working on. This may mean that you will have to read at each and every page in the document that you are working on just to find if there are any alterations made. Fortunately, you can easily track changes in document. Doing so will not only allow you to see whether there are any changes in the file that you have sent for the reviewers to check but you can also protect your document. This is because you have the power to either approve the amendments or refuse them if you want to.

When you review document changes, you can see whether there are comments added. These comments can help you determine if a certain part of your file is correct. The reviewers are the one who will put them in the appropriate places but you can always remove them after you have read the comments. It is easy to accept the changes made only our document after you have tracked them. If you are a Windows user, you will have to first open the document. You can do this without difficulty if you are using Word. Go to the View menu and then point to Toolbars. Select Reviewing and then you can see that a toolbar will appear. From here, you can click on the Accept button if you would like to allow the modifications to be a part of the document permanently. You can click on the arrow that is found on the right so that the drop down menu will be displayed. This will contain other options including Accept All Changes in Document and Accept All Changes Shown.

For Mac users, go to Tools menu and then you can find there the option to Accept or Reject Changes, which is from the Track Changes submenu. You can choose to view the forms of changes you want from the View selections. Now, click on Find and then select whether you want to Accept or Reject the changes made. Document modifications audit is easy when you are able to successfully track changes in document.

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