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Different Ways on How to Search in Document

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It is always simple to search in document for strings of text. Now, you will have different tricks that will make this task even easier. Check additional information about Search in document.

When you need to search in document, there are several methods that you can apply here. Some of them are easy while some may be a little bit tricky. Regardless of this fact, you can always choose as to which among them suits you perfectly. Now, if you are a Windows user, there are a lot of techniques that you can apply. First is to do it the typical way. You can press CRTL+F on your keyboard or you can go to the Edit menu and then click on "Find." This will bring the Find dialogue box which has three tabs namely "Find," "Replace" and "Go to." If you will only need to find in document without having to replace anything, you can just remain on the first tab. Enter the words or characters that you would like Windows to find and then you can press "Find Next."

To make it simpler for you, there are options that you can choose from so that your task to search in document is accurate. These include "Sounds like," "Match case" and "Find whole words only." That is quite easy, right? Now, what if you are using Linux as your operating system? What do you have to do in order for you to find a string of text in your document? If you are looking for texts in a single file or eve more than one file in your computer, you will need to make use the grep command.

If it is your first time to use Linux, you may find this a little bit difficult so ensure that you follow the instructions well. Let us say that you are looking for any HTML file in your computer that contains the word "help." To accomplish this, you will need the basic grep command for this task. Key in the following: grep "help" *.htm. This is also simple. You will only have to replace the word "help" in the given example. This command will return you with results that involve the HTML files that have the word "help" in them.

Now, if you are good in programming languages, you can create a program that will enable you to find in document the words or phrases that you need. This is very useful for those who are searching for texts in several files. For instance, you have hundreds of files with the word "article" and then the next morning you found out that somebody changed that keyword to "story." Although you can still make use of the Find and Replace in Microsoft Word, this can still be quite time consuming since you have numerous files that have to be opened and edited. The best way to solve this problem is to make a program that will help you accomplish your task. Most of the time, programmers use Visual Basic for Applications or VBA.

Now, you have different options that will aid you in finding phrases or characters within one or more documents. There are also tools that you can use today that will help you perform this assignment at the shortest possible time.

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