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Different Ways on How to Find Lost File for Windows Users

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There are numerous methods that will allow you to find lost file. Find out what you can do to get your documents even if you have deleted them already. Check additional information about Find lost file.

Certain situations can cause your documents to be lost in your computer. These instances can include power interruption while you are modifying your file, error occurs into your computer system and if you accidentally close your document without saving it. If you think that it is impossible for you to recover deleted files, think again. There are numerous methods that you can apply en you want to get hold of your documents pronto. However, before you proceed, you have to bear in mind that there are really some files that are unrecoverable. Usually these documents are those that have not been saved at all. But do not worry; you can try your luck as you can get the files back completely or partly.

There are many ways on how to find lost file on your computer especially if you are a Windows user. Let us say that you are using Windows XP as your operating system. The first step is the one that you most likely do when you want to look for a certain file. You go to START and the click on Search. A window will open and then you can get help from the left side window pane where the search assistant is there. Simply enter the details that you remember about the file including its name, the location and the time when you modified it. If you do not remember the name of the file, you can make use of wildcards. For instance, if you are searching for Word documents, you can enter "*.doc" in the search box.

Another method is to go to Recycle Bin. This is where the files that you have deleted will be temporarily stored. If you find the file, right click on it and then choose Restore. To make things easier, you can right click on an empty part of the folder and then point to Arrange Icons By then click on Modified. Now, if you would like to find lost file that is a Word document, you can search for the backup files for it. For Word 2007 users, they can click on the Microsoft Office Button where they can find the Word Options. Then, click on Advanced and then find the Save section. If you see that Always Create Backup Copy is selected, there is a backup copy of the file. Meanwhile, if you are a Word 2003 user, you can go to Tools and then select Options. In the Save tab, you can find the Always Create Backup Copy.

You can also try using search tools to find lost file. Most are not free however but you can still find those that can be used without paying for it. They are helpful when you would like to recover deleted files and even search for the file that you are looking for when the methods for locating the documents did not work for you. Do not lose hope in finding the files that you think you have already lost. Most of the time, they are still within your computer and you can find them with the right technique.

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