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An Easy Way to Do Bat Comparison

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If you need to perform bat comparison, there is an easy method that will allow you to do so. Find out in this article. Check additional information about Bat comparison.

A batch file is commonly utilized by the Microsoft Windows, OS/2 and DOS users. This is a text file that involves different commands that can be executed with any compatible command interpreter. When a batch file is executed, what happens here is that the shell program, which is often cmd.exe or command.com will be the one to read the file and then perform the specified commands. Typically, this is done line by line. Computer users find that this type of file is useful for them because this enables them to run a series of executable files automatically. In addition, the system administrator gets the help that he or she needs when it comes to automating lengthy processes. Not to be outdone, the Linux users also have a similar form of file which they call the shell scripts. Now that you know what the batch file is and how it is used and run, you may want to perform a bat comparison or a batch file comparison.

Batch files are being used today by beginners in writing viruses due to the fact that they have simple syntaxes and it is not required to gain advanced knowledge about programming languages. For some people who would like to make a bat comparison, they usually create a batch file that has the ability to compare two or even more files. The output would be the differences and they would of course be shown on the screen. This would generally involve having to use fc.exe, which is at the C:\Windows\Command Directory. Then, at the DOS prompt, the user can enter fc/? So that he can obtain the options.

While this can be easy for others, this can be quite difficult for those who are newbies in the batch file programming. They will need to know the step by step process of being able to generate the batch file that can compare two .bat files. If this is one of your dilemmas right now, you are in luck. This is because there are a lot of tools that you can utilize in order for you to accomplish your task for bat comparison.

With the utilities available, it is not hard for anyone to compare their batch files. There are some tools that can be downloaded for free while others are not only free for a certain period of time. Nevertheless, you will be given enough time to evaluate the software and decide whether you need to purchase it. Each of the programs that exist today has different features that can help you in comparing your batch files. Some work by comparing the commands line by line and then you will get the differences later on your screen. Others will give you complete details regarding the results of the comparison process including the in line changes, the binaries, directories and moved lines. There are also some that allow you to merge the changes that you have made in your batch files. Most definitely, the bat comparison tools are very useful for the beginners and the experts in batch file programming.

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