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How to Compare GIF files to JPEG Files

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By knowing the gif vs jpeg data, you can easily determine which one to use. If you compare gif with the other file formats, you know why one functions the way it does. Check additional information about compare gif.

If you have been around the computer for so long, you are pretty much aware of the GIF files and the JPEG files. But you are not completely sure what makes one different from the other. These extensions appear from time to time but you never take the time to actually compare gif with the jpeg. Then again, there are articles out there that elaborate on the gif vs jpeg debate. For one, people usually save the picture and then just choose from the formats that are available in the long drop down list.

If you look at the following software, you will see that the people usually go for the one that rings a bell - and that is the jpeg. But then again there are disadvantages that the jpeg has the gif can actually follow through. Therefore, it can be said that there are cases wherein the gif should be used and not the jpeg - especially in animation, simply because there's animated gif and there's no animated jpeg.

Read the article in order for you to have a closer look at the two most common image file formats. By the end of this article you can easily figure out the jpeg vs gif debate and know why you should use the one over the other. If you use the right format for the right image, you will see that it can save you from a lot of trouble. It can also make your program function faster than you could ever imagine.

Both gif and jpeg are included in the group that is called the Raster. These are also called bitmaps and have pixels that contain different colors. The secret is to actually choose the colored dots that are stacked together. This depends on the number of bits that are used for each pixel. The image can either be richer or poorer in terms of color.

For example, if you want to compare gif with jpeg, you will see that the 8 bits per pixel can eventually create the image that can reach up to 256 colors. When this amounts to 16 or 24 bits, then this will go for the tens of millions of different colors. Not all formats can use the same amount of pixels. It depends on the over all picture that the animated gif can accommodate.

The JPEG is probably the most common used image format that can be derived from the people who developed it. The JPEG was actually started by the Joint Photographic Experts Group. The common file extensions are then associated with the format. The JPEG is good for photographers because it can actually reach a compromise between the picture quality as well as the size quality. The problem is the images can lose their quality once these have been repeatedly edited and then saved in this very format.

As for the GIF or the Graphics Interchange Format, the images are saved in the format that loses the color information when it is reduced to 256 colors. The 8 bits per pixel can maintain this even though it is animated. That is why the animation gif can easily be processed, depending on the software that is used. The advantage of this format will most especially be used to the support animation and the transparency. When these are done, then it can be widely used depending on the popularity of the people who use the site. As long as the special effects are implemented, then this will work.

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