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Compare PNG with other Image Formats

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When you compare PNG with the other image formats, you will know that there are some similarities and disparities between them. Find out what these are in this article. Check additional information about Compare PNG.

There are different image file formats today and it pays to know what they are. They are the standardized method of organizing, managing and storing your image files. When it comes to compressing the images, there are two techniques that are often used. The first one is lossless, which is utilized to reduce the size of the image without worrying about the quality of the image. The lossy compression takes advantage of the fact that the naked human eye cannot discern everything that is in the picture. This is why it discards any information that is invisible to people. Now, there are three main graphic file formats and they are the JPEG, GIF and PNG. If you would like to compare PNG with the other types, you should know about the similarities and the dissimilarities between them.

When you see an image over the internet, it could be anything from the three mentioned major formats for images. Now if you will compare PNG files with JPEG or other formats, you will see that the main disparity are on issues namely the compression, transparency , color depths and the support it offers. The first format that we will take on is the GIF or the Graphics Interchange Format, which we will be comparing with the PNG files. When it comes to the compression, the PNG can be greatly compressed in contrast to GIF. In addition, PNG provides more options for transparency here such as the alpha channel transparency. Regarding the color depths, GIF is limited. It can only take 8 bits of indexed color while PNG can have 24 bits or 8 bits per channel and even 48 bits for true color. Therefore, this allows you to have photos or images that are more precise and smoother in color. Now, PNG backs up animation but only through an unofficial extension unlike GIF, which supports intrinsic animated graphics. In addition, GIF is used more often than PNG itself.

When it comes to JPEG or Joint Photography Experts Group, this is very high in compression capabilities since this makes use of the lossy encoding method. This has been designed to be used on the photographic images wherein there is a need for control in the contrast and the transitions. If you decide PNG over JPEG, you will have an increase in the file size of the image though there is an insignificant gain in the quality of the image. According to experts, you will need to make use of PNG and not JPEG when the image or graphic that you are dealing with has text or line arts. One of the reasons for this is because JPEG does not provide transparency support for the users.

Tagged Image File Format or TIFF is yet another image file format that is often compared with PNG. This is totally complicated as it involves different sets of options. Although this can be very useful for some people, TIFF actually makes the task for image manipulation much harder. Being able to compare PNG with other formats enable you to know what type you should use when it comes to saving your image files.

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