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The "What is" and "How to" When You Compare PDF Files

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If you wish to compare PDF documents faster and more accurate, use a recommended tool for Acrobat Reader for quality comparison output and to save more time and effort. Check additional information about Compare PDF.

Since the Portable Document File or PDF was created, it has been used by many for their convenience and for a more sophisticated appearance on their document presentations. May it be a school paper, dissertations, thesis, or term and research papers; they can now be modified and manipulated like a Word document. Now, to compare PDF, especially for several pages of files, a tool is really essential.

This PDF comparing tool is found very helpful and makes it possible for you to compare two electronic files via word by word, by keywords, by characters, or by other aspects. For bigger PDF documents, like in formal school papers, comparing two files without using a tool like this can really be a huge pain. You will most likely be spending your time reading the whole time and checking out both files manually. But if you have this tool, you can easily spot the changes made in the documents you are comparing.

What else can you find out when you are using this comparing tool? You can also tell the differences and similarities of documents with common ancestors or two versions, and also unrelated documents. Just think about this, if you are a university professor working on around twenty or thirty students' dissertations or theses, going over them for analysis and comparison just might blow you out of your mind. By just looking at both files side by side and browsing them would actually make you miss out on some details your normal seeing naked eye would ever see.

For some updated comparison tools with more features, they not only compare individual documents, but also folders and subfolders containing the same file name. Some tools scan folder contents and searches for similar filenames then compares them as well. By having this comparison tool, your job will be easier than ever because it does an accurate comparative analysis procedure needed, like searching for modifications, verifying correct changes, and knowing the document's highlights and focus.

How do you compare them? Well, it is really simple and the steps are easy to follow. Once you have downloaded or installed the tool onto your computer, simply run it and open the program. Then click the "New Comparison" button and select which type of comparison you would like - word by word, character by character, or by keywords. Then, open the specific file that you would like to compare on both sides of the blank space provided. When the files are opened, hit the "Compare" button and you will see highlighted parts for similarities according to your selected type of comparison. Sounds pretty easy, right?

The basic step in comparing is user-friendly and can be learned in less than five minutes. However, for more advanced features, like comparing folders with PDF and analyzing comparative reports, this may take you some time to get the hang of it. Everything is recorded and the tool will provide you a history in some changes you made in each file, as well as the comparisons you have made in case you need to check them for references.

Start saving your time from browsing endlessly on hundreds of pages as you compare PDF documents by looking for the tool that fits your needs. Indeed, the more time you save from work, the more time you can relax afterwards.

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