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The Adobe Compare Acrobat has dominated the field of PDF conversion and distribution ever since the PDF was created. But there is another PDF conversion software worthy of consideration. Check additional information about Compare Acrobat.

In 1993, the Adobe systems introduced the PDF or Portable Document Format, a format that facilitates easier sharing of ideas and work of people via the Internet. Along with the PDF, the company created the Acrobat. The Acrobat features methods of creating text and images, and converting them into PDF files, and a system of distributing through the Internet to users. The Acrobat has been the dominant player in this field since its creation. There is, however, some software produced by competing companies. People cannot help it but compare Acrobat with these software.

Adobe, through its Acrobat software, allows other software makers to plug-in into its platform by the use of Acrobat codes, improving further Acrobat's and PDF's serviceability. There are software providers, of course, who choose to use their own codes and therefore are direct competitors of Adobe Acrobat. One of these competitors is Scansoft's Textbridge 9.0, considered by many IT experts to have a real chance of providing stiff competition to the Acrobat in the field of Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Comparing Acrobat Capture Software with Textbridge 9.0, experts tested the abilities of both software in the areas of OCR accuracy, zoning, and batch handling. The results suggested evidence that serious competition to the Acrobat has arrived, although over-all, Acrobat still has the decided edge.

Experts found Textbridge astoundingly superb in almost all kinds of image types, and in a wide range of resolutions. Its OCR contains a manual zoning feature, and with this feature can attain 99.5% to 99.9% accuracy. Using the same operator-enhanced mechanism, the Textbridge's zoning capabilities also garnered high marks from experts. The Textbridge has an efficient table zone tool, supporting excellent image and text output. These capabilities, according to experts, have great potential to compete with Acrobat, which is currently the only software with shrink-wrapped utilities capable of correcting OCRed text, formats, vector graphics, images, and page layouts.

The Textbridge has a scheduler that performs batch handling. It is, however, able to process just a limited number of file directories at a time and does not have the ability to save batch settings. Textbridge's batching capabilities are definitely below Acrobat's, although the latter has its own problems. Acrobat Capture is invaluable to users managing multiple projects at the same time, as it allows them to set and save PDF conversion settings for each job.

The main difference between Textbridge and Acrobat is in the image plus text output. Adobe has placed prime importance in this. ScanSoft, like other Acrobat competitors, opted to use their own codes; and this has resulted to familiar images plus text handling issues. For example, to view an image generated by the Textbridge, the text needs to be transparent, which is a major annoyance to users. In Acrobat, the text are all in black. However, if Textbridge can address this problem and other issues involving images and text, it can be a plausible and fast PDF/Normal conversion tool for various types of documents.

The Acrobat has established a good lead in PDF file and conversion industry over its competitors. Also, the fact that it allows other software to plug-in into its platform, gives Acrobat the means to offer various services which it cannot provide. To compare Acrobat with some of those nearest to it, like the Textbridge, in terms of performance, they have to surmount image plus text issues. Once this is accomplished, this can only mean a worthy competitor to the Adobe Acrobat has finally arrived.

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