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How to Reject and Approve Document Modifications

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When you let others review your work, you can either accept the changes that they have made or you can reject them. Find out how you can refuse and approve document modifications in this article. Check additional information about Approve document modifications.

Sending out your document for reviewing is a process that can be both helpful and stressful for you. It can really assist you here due to the fact that your colleagues will be able to make the corrections in the parts of your file whenever necessary. On your part, this can be quite stressful because you will have to check which portions of the documents they have edited. This is very difficult to do particularly if the document is quite lengthy. Imagine having to read each and every part in your 500 page long file. It is not only tiresome but time consuming. Good thing you can keep track of the changes easily when you seek help for document review. This is more useful especially since you can reject and approve document modifications without much difficulty.

Using MS Word, you can track the changes that have been made for your document. This is a very effective function for the users when they are copyediting a document. They are allowed to edit a certain file without permanently putting those changes in it. The owner of the document still has the control whether he would like to reject or approve document modifications. Therefore, the owner of the document does not have any worries when he sends out the document to another party. They can either delete, rite, edit, and add words or phrases in the original file. This is more effective when compared to the other means of editing documents such as when you have to print out the file just to make pen edits. That can be extremely tedious.

So how easy is it to make a document approval in Word? Actually, it is really uncomplicated. The first thing that you have to do is of course open the document that has been edited by your colleagues. Make sure that you have opened the file in Word so that you can begin editing and reviewing which changes to accept and which ones should be removed. Once the document is open, you can click on the Tools menu wherein you can see the option to Track Changes in your document. Alternatively, you can just press CTRL+SHIFT+E on your keyboard to open the toolbar. Also, you can go to the View menu and then in the Toolbars submenu, you can click on the Reviewing option.

The changes will now be visible and you can make a decision whether you would like to retain them or discard them. They can be seen on the right part of the text which are represented in bubbles. Now that you know which ones to keep and which ones to reject, you can select to click on the green check or the red X. This is located right next to the suggestions for the changes in the document. When there are no longer highlighted bubbles in the document, this means that there are no more changes in the file that you have given to your colleagues. Make sure that you save your document after the approve document modifications and before closing it.

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