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How to Compare English Documents in Word

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Microsoft Word is the most used program when it comes to making documents. Find out how you can compare English documents at this word processor. Check additional information about Compare English documents.

Most of the time, we use Microsoft Word so that we can create, edit and save the changes to our English document. This is because the said program is indeed very reliable and helpful when it comes to making documents that are just made up of the typical English alphabet. Using numbers is not a problem here as well. As a matter of fact, we can insert formulas, tables and any type of data in the document that we are doing. Most of all, when we use the program we will observe that it is truly easy to operate and control the document since it is very user friendly. It also provides tips and even online assistance offline or online whichever you prefer.

Now, let us say that you have more than one document and you want to make a comparison between them. You will do this in order to know whether there have been changes made or perhaps you only want to check which of them has the best thought, style and other aspects. If you will compare English documents, this is generally easy. You do not have to download other programs because this can be done in Microsoft Word already.

For instance, you have two documents and you want to see where they differ. This is also applicable for those who have edited your document and that he or she was not able to let you track the changes he or she has made. Therefore, you will need to follow these steps. The first one is, of course, you have to prepare the documents that you will need to compare. Make sure that you have a copy of the original. Otherwise you will not be able to make the comparison. Now, you will have to open the original document or the other, depending upon what you want.

After you have opened any of the documents, you will need to click on the Tools menu. You will find the option that says "Compare and Merge." Click on that and then open the other document that you will need to complete the contrasting. Now, you will need to review the two documents or you can have Word make the comparison for you. It will make a third document that will result to having the changes merged into one. Of course, this will only be possible with your permission.

Not a lot of people use this Word feature due to the fact that it can be quite tricky for some of them. However, it is very much recommended for those that only have two documents to compare as well as for those that have files that are not really very long. Now, the last English document will have the combination of both the original and the edited version of the file. You can also opt not to merge the changes made onto your document if you only want to see what has been altered. If you need any help, you can just press F1 or type your problem ion the box provided by the Office Assistant.

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