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Different Ways that will Allow You to Compare PPT files

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If you are working on PowerPoint and you need to compare PPT files, there are ways on how to do this. Find out how you can accomplish the task through this article. Check additional information about Compare PPT.

Most students and even the professionals make use of Microsoft PowerPoint when it comes to creating a presentation. This is because the said program is very much user friendly and at the same time it offers a lot of options and helpful tips that will assist a person to get the kind of presentation he desires. Now, let us say that you have created quite a number of PPT files and you will need to compare PPT files side by side. How will you do this?

The answer here is very easy. If you only want to view them side by side so that you can make the comparison yourself, you can do this simply by opening both files and then select the Window menu. From there, you will find the option which says "Arrange All." Clicking on that option will help you make a layout that presents the presentations side by side. You can view them all at once. Take note that you will of course have to regulate the zoom magnification level. This way, you will be able to view the entire slide in that window alone.

Now what if you want to compare an original PowerPoint presentation with the new one or something that has been edited? In order to know about the changes that have been made, the best way is to track the modifications. Even though PowerPoint does not have the Track Changes feature which is found in Word, there are alternatives that you can do in order to achieve this task. So how do you do this? The first one is to insert a comment in which you will put your remarks regarding the presentation. This is signified by the small text box.

Another alternative is to record a voice or sound comment. To do this, you of course need a sound card, speakers and a microphone. Aside from this you can also opt to send your presentation to other people so that they can add comments to it and then make their changes that can be applied for their own copy of your presentation. These individuals are considered as reviewers. There is no specified version of PowerPoint that will enable them to review your presentation. When they are finished with the evaluation or the PPT comparison, they can send it back to you u and you can now make the assessment yourself. From here, you can combine them all and then you can utilize the reviewing tools provided by PowerPoint for its users. You can now apply the changes after you are finished.

Now, if you think that the given methods are quite complicated for you or you simply do not have the time to perform the comparison, you can make use of tools or programs that can be downloaded or bought online. Some of them are free while some have a trial version which will allow you to evaluate the product. These utilities can help you get fast and accurate results when you want to compare PPT files. Now, you can choose the option that is right for you.

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